Every donation you invest is crucial

We are very careful how we use the gifts you entrust to us. Every dollar given to us can save the life of another child. In 2015, 95% of every dollar supported the ministries of Mully Children’s Family Kenya.


source-revenueCapital projects – 71%
         Ndalani Irrigation
         Sports Center
         Yatta Water Treatment

General – 20%
         Yatta Girls Home
         Outreach Programs
         Counseling Services

Special Programs – 9%
        Child Sponsorship

Financial Accountability

Wexpanses-by-categorye strive to keep overhead to a minimum and be responsible to the ministries of Mully Children’s Family Kenya.

Fundraising and Administrative expenses were 5% of donations

Kenya Ministries Support – 95%

Fundraising – 3%
          Marketing Programs

Administrative – 2%