The MCF Philosophy

Over the last 25 years, MCF has developed a model based on winning the trust of every child and showing them continuous genuine fatherly and parental love that is based on God’s love for humanity. This model has been successful in the transformation of over 10,000 lives of vulnerable children.

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Remove the child from the hostile social living environment from where they are adopted.

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Provide food, shelter, education to nourish the child’s development.

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Provision of counseling, mentoring, and spiritual nourishment programs.

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Complete treatment of the mind, body and soul permits the MCF graduates to lead, live and develop the Kenyan society.

Mission Statement

To follow the example of Jesus Christ in transforming the lives of children, youth and marginalized members of the Kenya society.

Vision Statement

To see children, youth and the marginalized members of the Kenya society living a dignified life.


Core Values

I. Unconditional love

Being able to express love to each and every person in the MCF fraternity.

III. Committed to Service

Promote beneficiaries’ welfare.

V. Integrity

We believe in our word matching up our works.

VII. Professionalism

We believe in striving for higher levels of performance standards in what we do.

IX. Accountability

We believe in making commitments and living up to them.

II. Character Development

Building the character of the child, the youth and the marginalized.

IV. Humanity

Care for the marginalized members of the Kenya society.

VI. Transparency / Openness

Care for the marginalized members of the Kenya society.

VIII. Trustworthiness

We believe in fulfilling our obligation of building a better society for future generations.

X. Courage of Conviction

Trust in the four step development process.

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Strategic Objectives

1. Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children in need of Care and Protection
2. Internal efficiency and effectiveness (Organizational Development)
3. Resource Mobilization for Sustainability
4. Work towards advocacy and information sharing for Sustained awareness
5. Community Empowerment programs
6. Full participation in great Commission of Jesus Christ (Missions)
7. Networking and Capacity building