Drought and Famine Relief

Kenya and the entire Eastern Region of Africa is suffering from the worst drought and famine it has experienced in over 65 years. Kenya’s President Kenyatta has just declared the drought and famine a National Disaster.

Our water situation grows more serious with each passing day, as there appears to be no end in sight for our devastating drought. Large numbers of livestock are dying as grazing pastures become more scarce. Crops wither under the extreme heat and lack of water before they can yield produce. Reports of Kenyans dying from starvation are increasing daily.

Four of our largest MCF projects, Ndalani, Yatta, Vipingo, and Lodwar are located in areas which are most affected by the current drought and famine conditions. The Thika River which traverses our Ndalani campus and is the primary source of irrigation for the Ndalani farming operations as well as used by the 700+ children on campus for daily bathing and washing their clothes completely dried up in mid-February.

Crop failures are surely eminent creating real food shortages for MCF as we grow 90% of what the children eat and loss of income from the sale of the excess produce which is used to offset other operational expenses

Pray with us and if possible support to our ability to provide the daily meals to children, staff, and enable emergency intervention with relief food supplies and water to vulnerable families in the neighborhood communities. 

Proverb 19:17 He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done.

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