Lodwar Project Phase 2

lodwarThis part of a multi-phase project will supplement the feeding of over 650 children each day. Phase 2 will build a primary school, administration unit and complete the water well. Currently the children are feed and learn in the open air subject to the harsh arid environment.

Education is a critical component in the general rehabilitation of orphaned and vulnerable children and largely determines the eventual successful livelihood and self-reliance of the targeted children. MCF has continued to facilitate holistic transformation of targeted children by ensuring all children have access to a quality education.

Two Strategic Initiatives

To continue the development of the 430 acres at MCF Lodwar and to providespiritual nourishment while restoring hope in the most vulnerable children in the area, two initiatives will be undertaken.

1) Construct and furnish a primary school with 8 classrooms and a administrativeunit for the teachers.

2) Provide a water treatment system, pumps, storage tanks and solar power for the water well.

MullyChildren’s Family has prioritized the continued improvement of the quality of basic education accessed by the children in Lodwar. Provision of classrooms will enhance the educational experience through improved materials and facilities to improve their scholastic results.

The completion of the water well will provide safe, clean drinking water to over 4,000 people in the area and allow the residents to focus on their livelihood instead of walking up to 15 miles a day just to find clean water.

The targeted completionis contingent upon raising the funding needed.

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