Mully University

Over 200 Mully Children’s Family  graduates are waiting to enter University or Colleges in due to the lack of funding.  Mully International University (MIU) is the next step in the educational mission of MCF.  The University has several fundamental needs, including land, facilities, infrastructure, professors and approved curriculum.

Youth in Kenya especially those from vulnerable backgrounds are desperate for quality professional and entrepreneurial skills training that will enhance their ability to access gainful employment. MIU is anticipated to develop, empower and nurture youth and other learners in various professional fields to become servant leaders and persons of integrity in the world.  Dr. Charles Mulli firmly believes in providing MCF children a chance to be successful in life and reach their full potential, through providing access to college and university education.

MCF is a home for children, where education is a key component and they are not “released” from the home when they turn 18, as often happens in the Western world.  When an MCF child graduates Grade 12, they sit for the national Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).  Based on the results, they will continue their education at college or university, with MCF covering the costs.

Funding is needed for the following areas:

  • Development of government approved curriculum
  • Development of infrastructure; including a main university campus lecture halls, classroom, recreation and administrative buildings,
  • Employment of professors and necessary staff
  • Renovation of existing dormitories at Yatta

The University will offer degrees in those areas that are particularly useful to Kenyan students as well as others from around the globe. These include: a school of agriculture including environmental studies and ecological issues, a Bible College including theology and missiology, and a school of Business including entrepreneurship, accounting and finance.

MIU will be a university of excellence, difference and uniqueness where hope will be the guiding principle. MCF expects to enroll both MCF beneficiaries and paying students from within the country and Africa as a whole. It is expected that MCF beneficiaries will form 30% of attendees while paying students will be about 70%.

Funds are needed for design and development as well as materials and construction of these buildings.  Your donations will help build needed facilities, recruit staff, create curriculum, fund student expenses and purchase equipment.

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