Upcoming Trip: Heart & Soul Service Trip

team DSC01838OCTOBER 21-29, 2017

You are invited to travel to Kenya and visit the Biggest Family in the World! Mully Children’s Family has rescued, restored, educated and given hope to over 10,000 children since 1990. On your visit to Mully Children’s Family, you will learn more about the miracles that have transpired since Charles Mulli, a self-made millionaire, listened and obeyed God’s call and resolved to stop working and to start rescuing the street children of Kenya. You are encouraged to experience Mully Children’s Family and to join this Heart & Soul Team!

While at Mully Children’s Family, our team will have the joy of serving. Our involvement may include food distribution in the Kibera slum, where many of the children have been rescued, as well as to the impoverished residents surrounding Mully Children’s Family, perhaps bringing male and female goats. We will discover the magnitude of the sustainability programs which provide food and water for the children as well as to this community. We will interact with the students and possibly teach in the classrooms. Our team will observe the sewing, knitting, and cosmetology classes given to the victimized, young mothers. A visit to the toddler nursery where these small children are nurtured will be arranged for us. There may be opportunities to participate in light construction or to plant trees, helping to create a lush forest to promote climate change. Our team will worship with the children when they have their evening devotional time. There will be other service opportunities dependent upon the students’ schedules, our teamindividual skills and what the MCF Kenya team arranges.