Mully Children's Family 2023 Kids Catalog

Where Kids Are Helping Kids

Sarah and Isaac Children together

Hi! My name is Isaac!! And my name is Sarah! We live in a country called Kenya, which is very far from the United States. Kenya is on the continent of Africa. People come to Africa to go on safari, where they can see lions, elephants, and giraffes in the wild!

The World’s Largest Family is also in Africa! Isaac and I along with 6,800 of our brothers and sisters live here together at Mully Children’s Family (MCF). We are all so excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday this Christmas! At MCF, we get into the true Spirit of Christmas by sharing the love of Jesus with each other through giving.

And we want to give you—yes, you!—a chance to join us! In our MCF Kids Catalog, you will find some fun ways to be a part of Christmas in Kenya this year.

Would you like to join with other kids all around the world, just like you, to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday in a brand new way this year?