Double Your Love to the World's Largest Family
Double Your Love
Kenya 2021

Double your gift in 2021.

Through the abundant Love and Generosity of one of our donors, all gifts to Mully Children’s Family will be MATCHED for the rest of 2021 up to $500,000.

Your generosity can save children’s lives and help us create a better future for the hopeless.

Boys playfully display peace sign
Double Your Gift

Loving Orphans

With your gift you can help MCF serve the least and lost children of Kenya using our holistic approach to Lift, Love, and Launch these marginalized children.

Orphans on Street


children in Kenya

Help MCF rescue and lift children out of danger, neglect, abuse and extreme poverty.

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Children in Dormatory


never turn away a child in need

Our family houses, educates, nurtures, and pours into the emotional health of each child we are blessed to love and rehabilitate.

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Kenya 2021 Graduation


investing into men and women

MCF has invested in 18,000+ children who have been given the chance to live a dignified life. They were reintegrated back into their communities to launch their new lives.

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The Orphan Crisis

In Kenya, the situation of orphans and vulnerable children is an issue of great concern.

Currently it is estimated that there are over 3.6 million orphans under the age of 18 in the country (as of 2020)

47 percent of the children orphaned are as a result of HIV and AIDS and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors such as abuse, neglect, and extreme poverty.

photo: vulnerable and alone orphan
Vulnerable and alone

One Child at a Time

Charles Mulli has often been asked why he encourages MCF beneficiaries who have completed the MCF program to return to the villages and communituies from which they came, so long as it is safe.

The answer is that Charles believes that real change in the world is accomplished by "One Child at a Time." These restored children become prominent business people and leaders within their communities as well as sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus as they experienced during their time at MCF.

To do so we need your help!

Invest in a Child

photo: Charles Mully with street boys
Thank You