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Charles Mulli was the firstborn son of a poverty-stricken Kenyan family of ten children. By age 6 he was abandoned by his parents to live on the streets for the next 12 years. Through diligence, hard work, and faith, Charles rose to become a very successful businessman. He, his wife Esther, and their eight children lived very comfortably as Charles became a multi-millionaire.

In 1986, Charles began to hear a call on his life to care for the thousands of abandoned children he encountered on the streets of Kenya, especially as he remembered his own struggles there as a child. In 1989, Charles and Esther began to take street orphans and vulnerable children into their home to be raised alongside their own biological children. Those numbers grew so that over the last 35 years, the Mully Family has given their entire lives and considerable fortune to rescue, adopt, house, feed, clothe, and educate well over 27,000 Kenyan orphans who have graduated from the program as well as an additional 6,826 in the program currently.

Additionally, Mully Children’s Family (MCF) is the #1 employer, the sole source of clean water, and the main source of healthcare for the Ndalani and Kithimani Divisions in the Yatta District in which MCF resides. Recently, due to drought they have provided a daily lunch for over 30,478 children at 79 community schools. During the 2007 post-election violence, MCF provided daily hot food for over 7,000 children in the camp and food rations for 20,000 displaced persons at the Eldoret IDP Camp as well as education for the children there.

Timeline of Recognition and Awards

Charles and Esther have been recognized internationally for their amazing work by governmental and private groups.

Charles Mully with newborn
Esther Mully pouring milk


Dr. Mulli was awarded the “Robert Pierce Award” for humanitarian and Christian service by World Vision


Dr. and Mrs. Mulli were awarded the “Angel of Hope Award” by World Vision


Esther Mulli was named “Woman of the Year by Heart for Africa” in Canada


Dr. Mulli was awarded a “Head of State Commendation” by the President of Kenya


Dr. Mulli was awarded the "MedAssets Norman Bourlag Humanitarian Award”


Dr. Mulli was awarded an “Honorary Degree in Social Work” by Kabarak University, Kenya


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