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Can you image the costs associated with caring for 2,500 children on a daily basis? The Leadership Team at Mully Children’s Family must do this each and every day.
Although Mully Children’s Family continues to focus on increasing its sustainability efforts through agriculture, poultry and dairy. Fifty percent of the annual ministry’s costs are funded by dedicated supporters like you.

Are you interested in deepening your partnership with Mully Children’s Family?

We ask for your prayerful consideration in taking the next step to expand your relationship with Mully Children’s Family by becoming an MCF Monthly Care Partner. Your support is vital to the Mully Children’s Family mission of “Saving Lives”.

image002What does a Care Partner Support?

 Seed for the Farm, Medicine for the community, Hay for the cows, Fuel for the tractors, Pay for the pastors, Trees for the environment, Vaccines for the livestock, Testing for HIV-AIDS, Electric for offices, Water for the community,

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Please join our Caring Community by becoming an MCF Monthly Care Partner!

Thank you for for supporting our mission of Saving Children’s Lives!