Mission Choir

Almost since the inception of Mully Children's Family, music has played an important role in the rehabilitation and renewal process of the children we rescue. Every child is given an opportunity to sing in a choir based upon their age and level of talent. The MCF Mission Choir is a premier-level choir for the children who have demonstrated a strong singing talent. The choir has toured Canada and appeared on radio and television programs across Kenya. Following the 2016 election, the MCF Mission Choir toured Kenya schools extensively promoting a message of peace and unity for the country.

Other Activities

We are often asked how the choirs began at Mully Children’s Family. Dr. Mulli has long enjoyed a passion for music. When Charles began his taxi (called a Matatu in Kenya) business as a young entrepreneur, he would frequently play American tunes for his passengers. He also sang songs to his wife Esther and many of the early family videos included times when the family would gather around the guitar to sing together. So, it was a natural transition when Charles was looking for tools to complete the "holistic transformation" of the rescued street children to incorporate music into the curriculum. Participation in the choir helped the children regain confidence and self-esteem. Music is one of the tools used, but other tools include karate, soccer, acrobatics, dance, and drama. 

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