Sponsor A Child


Your monthly donation of $50.00 will enable an orphaned and vulnerable child to grow and thrive in a loving, Christ-centered family environment.

How Your Sponsorship Will Impact A Child’s Life:

Shelter & Nutrition:

An orphaned, abandoned, abused, or HIV & AIDS infected child who has nowhere to call home and no one to care for them will receive three meals a day plus clothing and a loving and safe place to call home.

Sponsor a child through Mully Children's Family

Education & Training:

A marginalized and vulnerable child will have new hope for their future through a quality full-time education, spiritual education, vocational training and the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Sewing class taught through MCF

Spiritual Development:

A child traumatized by their childhood experiences will receive not only medical, dietary and dental care, but also extensive counseling to heal and rehabilitate them and prepare them for a successful independent life.

Sponsor a child in Mully

Parental Love:

Central to a child’s development is experiencing the love of family teaching respect and biblical values.

Sponsor a child through MCF

Teach them his decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave

Exodus 18:20

What Happens When We Share God’s Love With Others

A distant trip straight to my heart

By s8admin | December 3, 2020

I have always had a tender spot for children in need. I’m one to cry at commercials of children in hospitals or when I hear of a child taken away from his parents due to tragedy or unfortunate events. Sometimes I wrestle with the injustice of it all.  I frequently hope and pray for a…

Linda and Blessing

Linda And Blessing

By Craig Steuerman | June 26, 2017

I met Blessing several years ago on a short-term mission trip to MCF. Our team of ladies was performing the play about the little lost lamb. During the play I noticed one small girl in the back row who was crying and looked terrified. At the end of the play, I thought about this little…

Sponsoring A Child In Africa Means A Lot To Me

By Craig Steuerman | June 26, 2017

Abby Sandy Springs, GA Sponsoring a child in Africa means a lot to me. Before I heard about Mully Children’s Family I really didn’t understand that there were children that didn’t have mom’s or dad’s. Dr. Mulli finds the children that have no parents or food and are very unhappy. He brings them into his…

Vocational Students Graduate

By Craig Steuerman | November 18, 2014

Over 100 girls who have been undergoing vocational training at the Mully Children Family (MCF) graduated on 16th November 2014. The colourful event was held at MCF Yatta. These girls have for the last two years been undertaking training in tailoring, knitting, hairdressing and cookery. Most of them were vulnerable young adults rescued from street…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is child sponsorship so important?

Your sponsorship enables Mully Children’s Family to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program that will transform the mind, body and spirit of the rescued street child you sponsor.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Each sponsorship is $50 per month.

How can payments be made?

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi‐annually or annually via credit card, check or ACH payments.

How will my sponsorship dollars be used?

Sponsorship donations to Mully Child Sponsorship USA fund the costs associated with re‐building the lives of each child. This includes: three meals a day, housing, clothing, quality full‐time education, spiritual education, medical care, counseling, vocational training and the opportunity to participate in extra‐curricular activities including the arts and sports.

How long is my commitment?

There is no time limit on your sponsorship commitment, and you can cancel at any time; however, we hope you will continue to support your child as long as they are in the program. You can discontinue your sponsorship by emailing
sponsorship@mcfus.org or by calling us at 770‐559‐9338.

Can I meet my child?

We would love for you to visit Mully Children’s Family and meet your sponsored child! Click here to learn more about upcoming trips.

How can I write to my sponsored child?

There are three ways that you can write to your child:
a) Write a letter. Letters can be mailed to: Mully Child Sponsorship USA, PO Box 315, Alpharetta, GA 30009‐0315.
b) Email a letter. Letters can be sent via email to sponsorship@mcfus.org and can include pictures.
c) Write a letter through the website. Follow these simple steps:
• Go to the website mcfus.childsponsorshipservices.org/account and click Login to log into your account
• Once logged in your child’s picture will appear; click on “Write a Letter”
• You can add a photo which will appear in the letter when we print it
• When done, click on “Save” and we will take it from there!

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

While letters, photos and stickers or similar items are wonderful, we do not encourage individual gifts to the children. Although the intent is heartfelt, a gift to a child can cause a number of problems including envy, pride, greed or other tensions. By allowing gifts to one child, we may be hurting another. We hope you agree that this is best for all of the children.

Will I recieve letters from my child?

Our goal is for you to receive 2 letters from your child per year. It is important to understand that there are challenges that may impact the timeliness and frequency of these letters but we’ll do our best to keep you updated on your child.

Aside from child sponsorship, how else can I help Mully Children's Family?

You can PRAY for MCF! View current projects requiring funding including dorms, poultry, and Yatta Women's Center.