Sponsor A Child


As a Child Friend, your monthly donation of $50.00 will enable an orphaned and vulnerable child to grow and thrive in a loving, Christ-centered family environment.

The Impact of our Child Friend Sponsorship Program:

Shelter & Nutrition:

An orphaned, abandoned, abused, or HIV & AIDS infected child who has nowhere to call home and no one to care for them will receive three meals a day plus clothing and a loving and safe place to call home.

Sponsor a child through Mully Children's Family

Education & Training:

A marginalized and vulnerable child will have new hope for their future through a quality full-time education, spiritual education, vocational training and the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Sewing class taught through MCF

Spiritual Development:

A child traumatized by their childhood experiences will receive not only medical, dietary and dental care, but also extensive counseling to heal and rehabilitate them and prepare them for a successful independent life.

Sponsor a child in Mully

Parental Love:

Central to a child’s development is experiencing the love of family teaching respect and biblical values.

Sponsor a child through MCF

Teach them his decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave.

Exodus 18:20

What Happens When You Become a Child Friend through Sponsorship:

Mercy’s Story: An Orphan Who Became an Oncologist

By Olivia Davis | August 30, 2023

When Mercy was a little girl, her mother didn’t receive proper medical care during childbirth and died. The loss grieved Mercy, who determined that she would become a doctor to…

A distant trip straight to my heart

By clockworkwp | December 3, 2020

I have always had a tender spot for children in need. I’m one to cry at commercials of children in hospitals or when I hear of a child taken away…

Linda and Blessing

Linda And Blessing

By clockworkwp | June 26, 2017

Linda met Blessing several years ago on a short-term mission trip to MCF. Our team of ladies was performing the play about the little lost lamb. During the play I…

Sponsoring A Child In Africa Means A Lot To Me

By Steuterman | June 26, 2017

Abby Sandy Springs, GA Sponsoring a child in Africa means a lot to me. Before I heard about Mully Children’s Family I really didn’t understand that there were children that…

Vocational Students Graduate

By Steuterman | November 18, 2014

Over 100 girls who have been undergoing vocational training at the Mully Children Family (MCF) graduated on 16th November 2014. The colourful event was held at MCF Yatta. These girls…

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