What do these successful people have in common?

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

Foreign Ambassador and the only woman to serve as First Lady of the United States for four terms.

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong

American trumpeter and singer who is among the most influential figures in jazz music.

photo: orphan Leon Leonwood Bean
Leon Leonwood Bean

Inventor and outdoor enthusiast who founded the LL Bean Company and inventor of the waterproof duck boot.

Jackson Kimende
Jackson Kimende

Senior Relationship Manager for Equity Bank Kenya and former Mully Children’s Family beneficiary.


They were each orphans! These individuals were each given an opportunity to overcome their circumstances and to use their God given talents and to serve as a positive impact in the world.

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Help MCF rescue and lift children out of danger, neglect, abuse and extreme poverty.

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Our family houses, educates, nurtures, and pours into the emotional health of each child we are blessed to love and rehabilitate.

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MCF has invested in 18,000+ children who have been given the chance to live a dignified life. They were reintegrated back into their communities to launch their new lives.

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The Orphan Crisis

In Kenya, the situation of orphans and vulnerable children is an issue of great concern. In Kenya alone, there are estimated to be more than 3.6 million orphans under the age. This equates to 700 children orphaned every day or one child orphaned every two minutes.

The child mortality statistics have improved in recent years but Kenya still sees 64,500 children die every year before reaching age 5, mostly from preventable causes.

Up to fifteen percent of Kenyan households are headed by an orphan sibling. These alarming statistics represent the reality of the orphan crisis in Kenya today.

Meet Jackson Kimende

Jackson Kimende was one of those 18,000 orphaned children. Jackson was rescued off the streets of Eldoret in 1992 by MCF at age 6. His rehabilitation included an opportunity to receive a quality primary and secondary education where he excelled in his grades. Daddy Mulli enabled Jackson to attend a Christian university in 2005 where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. As one of the top students in his class, Jackson would quickly receive an offer of employment from Equity Bank Kenya where he has risen to the position of Senior Relationship Manager.

Lift, Love, and Launch an Orphan

Mully Children’s Family has rescued, rehabilitated, and reintegrated back into society over 18,000 children who have been given the chance to live a dignified life.

You have an opportunity to join Mully Children’s Family in giving an orphaned, abandoned or abused child like Jackson Kimende the opportunity to overcome their circumstances and to use their God given talents to become politicians, musicians, inventors, or entrepreneurs and even bankers like Jackson.

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Charles Mulli with toddler
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