Help a children live a dignified life.

Kenya 2021 Graduation
Kenya 2021 Graduation

Grateful for your gifts.

Your gift to Mully's Children Family ensures that we never say no to a child. Help us give hope to the hopeless, one child at a time.

Your generosity can save children’s lives and help us create a better future for the hopeless.

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Saved from hopelessness

Investing Into Orphan's Lives

With your gift you can help MCF serve the least and lost children of Kenya using our holistic approach to Lift, Love, and Launch these marginalized children.

Orphans on Street


children in Kenya

Help MCF rescue and lift children out of danger, neglect, abuse and extreme poverty.

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Children in Dormatory


never turn away a child in need

Our family houses, educates, nurtures, and pours into the emotional health of each child we are blessed to love and rehabilitate.

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Kenya 2021 Graduation


investing into men and women

MCF has invested in 18,000+ children who have been given the chance to live a dignified life. They were reintegrated back into their communities to launch their new lives.

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How We Launch

photo: older boy with soceer ball and younger boy

A better life

Mully Children’s Family has rescued, rehabilitated, and reintegrated back into society over 18,000 children who were given the chance to overcome their circumstances as an orphan and to live a dignified and productive life.

Charles Mulli has often been asked why he encourages MCF beneficiaries who have completed the MCF program to return to the villages and towns from which they came, so long as it is safe. The answer is that Charles believes that real change in the world is accomplished by "One Child at a Time".

These restored children become prominent businesspeople and leaders within their communities as well as sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus as they experience during their time at MCF.


Outpouring of LOVE

MCF has long fought against the trafficking and abuse of young teen girls who find themselves engaged in prostitution and drug use which too often leads to rape, unwanted teen pregnancies and child marriages.

MCF has a women's rescue center located in Malindi dedicated to providing a safe environment for healing and transformation. This center offers superior vocational training facilities for the young teen girls to learn occupational skills, business management, and microfinance while also receiving spiritual nourishment.

Upon completion of the two-year program, they will be empowered and equipped to live a dignified life.

Higher Education

photo: young man with college diploma

A college degree

Mully College was launched by MCF about 4 years ago with the support of Pan-African University. The college functions much like community colleges found in the US and offers 2-year certificate programs. The college is an excellent alternative for MCF students who have demonstrated a higher potential but lack the grades to access private or public universities. Students have the opportunity to study business, agriculture, and missiology.

MCF also makes it possible for students who qualify to attend in-country public and private Universities and Colleges. Their studies include Science, Medicine, Engineering, Research, and Technology.

Vocational Training

photo: young woman learning to sew

Valuable trade skills

Our Vocational Training programs enable students who are better gifted with their hands than academics to learn trade skills such as construction, welding, carpentry, hairdressing, tailoring, and cooking skills. Upon completing their training, students are equipped with a trade to help support themselves and their future families when they return to their community.

Help Launch a Child

You can help invest into the life of a child and set him or her on the right path. An education and a mission to return to their communities to make a change in those around them.

MCF has invested in 18,000+ children who have been given the chance to live a dignified life.

Equip a child with a trade or an education that will change their lives forever.

You have an opportunity to join Mully Children’s Family in giving an orphaned, abandoned or abused child the opportunity to overcome their circumstances and to use their God-given talents to become politicians, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, or bankers.

But to do so we need your help!

Invest in a Child

Invest in Education
Invest in Education