Mercy’s Story: An Orphan Who Became an Oncologist

When Mercy was a little girl, her mother didn’t receive proper medical care during childbirth and died. The loss grieved Mercy, who determined that she would become a doctor to save others from her mother’s fate. However, because she was living with her elderly grandparents in dire poverty, her budding dream seemed like a long shot at best.

…But then, in February 1997, Daddy Mulli and Mummy Esther heard about Mercy!

Mercy when she joined MCF

She shared with them her grief over her mother’s death. She shared with them her dream to become a doctor, and they eagerly committed to praying for her, supporting her, and doing everything they could to help her achieve her dream. Mully Children’s Family welcomed her in, taught her the Word of God, and empowered her with the education she needed to achieve her dream!

Mercy quickly became a model student. Her hard work ethic, humility, and fun personality made her a role model for her brothers and sisters at MCF. Later, Mercy studied chemistry at MCF’s fully-equipped lab, the only one in the region with high-grade glassware, safety equipment, and electronics. She also discovered that God had gifted her with a beautiful voice, and she sang in several choirs. She frequently shared her testimony of God’s love and salvation, inspiring many.

Almost ten years after coming to MCF, she sat for her final exams and worked as an MCF teacher as she awaited her results. No one was surprised when Mercy’s marks stood out! She soon began her studies at the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery. MCF paid her tuition. Her dream was becoming reality, one step at a time!

Mercy at her Master’s graduation

In 2013, Mercy received her Bachelor’s! She had become a true trailblazer, becoming the first female physician in the region. She worked for the Kenyan Government as a Medical Superintendent at Kauti Sub-County Hospital for two years before being transferred to Kitui County Referral Hospital in 2016.

As a medical practitioner, Mercy is committed to ensuring that her patients receive the best care possible, and she has continued her education, completing her Master of Science in Clinical Oncology in Tanzania in December 2020. After that, she worked as a clinical oncologist at Kitui County Referral Hospital.

In February 2023, Mercy was accepted as an oncology fellow at the extremely prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota!

We are so, so proud of Mercy and all that she has already accomplished in her life. She chose to use a deep tragedy in her life as an impetus to serve others. Now, she brings great glory to the Lord through her important work and her sweet spirit.

You can listen to Mercy share her story in her own words below!

By your faithful, prayerful giving, you have played an invaluable role in Mercy’s beautiful story, making everything from her resue to her Mayo Clinic fellowship possible. Learn more about supporting more MCF children.