A distant trip straight to my heart

I have always had a tender spot for children in need. I’m one to cry at commercials of children in hospitals or when I hear of a child taken away from his parents due to tragedy or unfortunate events.

Sometimes I wrestle with the injustice of it all.  I frequently hope and pray for a happy ending. 

When I first learned of the ministry of Mully Children’s Family, my heart felt a happiness that an organization truly was not just rescuing children from the streets but changing their lives… altering their lives… investing into their lives. I was amazed how God used one man and his family to create a model to take on the ramifications of a dark world, of poverty and lost hope.

I had to learn more. I wanted to see for myself.

I had always assumed a trip to Africa would be to see distant places and rare animals and to experience nature in a real way. I never imagined my Safari vehicle would take me to see an eclectic family of small kids smiling, laughing, and running free on a playground in Kenya. 

I was blessed to visit two of the seven different Mully Children’s Family campuses across Kenya. 

The layouts were well planned. The procedures and logistics of daily living had purpose. The staff and volunteers were clearly called to love and support the children. But more touching than the impressive realities of raising thousands of children at various locations, was the sounds of laughter and the smiles of children.

The eternal joy I could hear in their voices as they sang, as they laughed, as they ran freely around to play.

I wish children everywhere could have the knowledge of their hopeful circumstances. Although I wish these kids never had to experience darkness to enjoy light, I truly believe they will forever be grateful for a family that loved and cares for them into and throughout adulthood.

A powerful moment for me was visiting a section of a campus where young babies and toddlers are cared for. Too young to have memories of the past, they will grow up only knowing Mully Children’s Family as their parents, brothers, and sisters. They will only know love. They will grow up being valued. They will grow up with the benefit of an education, of eating every meal, and being cared for in sickness. They have the gift of FAMILY. They may only know optimism as they navigate their childhood. This made me so thankful and made my heart full. 

I have never been much of a singer. God chose not to give me the gift of a voice anyone wants to hear. I’ve always been a little jealous of those who have a gifted singing voice. As many concerts as I have attended, as many Sunday morning church choirs I have listened to, I have never heard JOY in the songs of children like I did in classrooms and around the campus. 

The beauty of soul’s shouting praise and gratefulness permeating from the lungs and mouths of redeemed children… I imagine that is how we will worship our Father in heaven someday. I was blessed to hear with my own ears the roar of gratitude in the sweet melodies of youthful voices. It was a highlight of my trip.