Sponsoring A Child In Africa Means A Lot To Me

Sandy Springs, GA

Sponsoring a child in Africa means a lot to me. Before I heard about Mully Children’s Family I really didn’t understand that there were children that didn’t have mom’s or dad’s. Dr. Mulli finds the children that have no parents or food and are very unhappy. He brings them into his home and now they have love, a family and are happy. That makes me feel thankful for what I have.

When my parents told me that we were sponsoring a child in Kenya, I was so happy because after I heard about MCF I prayed that we could help and be a part of that family in Africa. Sponsoring a child has brought me closer to God because I see how much Mulli loves them and it changes their lives and he has changed mine too. I pray for them and hope that they can live with Mulli. Always remember how blessed you are and how God has helped you through your life. Always remember to thank God and pray for those who need Him to come into there lives.