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Keeping Hope Alive

Nicholas came to MCF as a little boy who had never joined school. He and his three siblings had watched their parents waste away under the cruel hand of HIV/ Aids. The children’s hopes and dreams seemed to have faded away with the death of both their parents. Nicholas’s candle grew even dimmer when he…

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Ecotourism Conference

MCF will be hosting its first Ecotourism Conference with the goal of  sharing ideas for sustainability development in Kenya for Internantional markets, with the focus on German Market. Our deeply-held conviction is that the concept of ecotourism is  a key component that will champion a communal approach toward preserving  and conserving our cultural heritage, while…

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Dr. Charles Mulli Enviromental Day

Dr. Mulli Environmental Award Initiative was started by Daddy Mulli to reward the best schools annually to inspire active participation of schools  in the adopt-a-tree initiative, among other social intervention.The Adopt-a- tree campaigns, among children and youth in schools, was instigated to influence active participation of target community to replicate successes in environmental transformation within…

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