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MCF Community Outreach

Reported cases of Covid-19 continue to grow in Kenya with 208 cases and 9 deaths reported as of April 13.  Machakos Counties, home to both MCF Yatta and MCF Ndalani have reported only one case so far. As concerns for the spread of the virus grow, Mully Children’s Family prepares for assisting the communities in and…

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A Prayer of Hope and Faith

Our Father, From natural disasters and diseases of biblical proportions to miracles that continue to shake us, through it all, God, you remain faithful, gracious and merciful. Yahweh, you are The Great I Am. God you surely are a God of mercy and love, sending your only Son to die on the cross for our…

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Mully Children’s Family Covid 19 Update

Kenya has not been spared from the invasion of Covid 19. The current number of infections is 142 as of April 6th with four reported deaths.  Numerous measures and restrictions have been put in place by the government of Kenya, including full closure of all schools and institutions of learning, a daily curfew running between…

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