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The River Running Through MCF Ndalani Is Dry!

Greetings My Friend, Over the past several months, Esther and I have spent considerable time in prayer about the desperation that we are seeing in the eyes of men,  women, and children in our neighboring villages and communities. Our hearts are broken as we learn of the growing number of families who are going to…

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MCF Faces A Crisis!

MCF is in a crisis! Our neighboring communities are crying out for help! Adding to the crisis is the fact that our country is undergoing a very severe economic downturn. We see wages going unpaid, increased debt, massive layoffs, and food prices on the rise. MCF cannot ignore what is taking place around us and…

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Our Neighbors Are Crying Out For Our Help!

MCF finds our pantries low on food. Increased cost for basic commodities such as maize, beans, rice, sugar and even soap for bathing has placed an added burden on MCF finances. I question how MCF will meet our ongoing needs for our 6 locations, and how we will feed the growing number of children coming…

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