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Kenya National Exams

Kenya was adversely affected by the lockdown that saw all schools, colleges, and universities close down for nine months in 2020 due to covid-19. Therefore, the government had to reschedule all nation exams traditionally done in November to commence in March. Further to this, the Kenyan education system has been undergoing a metamorphosis, requiring that children in…

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Food Distribution in Community Schools

The effects of the calamities of 2020 in Kenya are still being felt across the country. Many people lost their jobs due to covid-19, as organizations and companies closed down. Secondly, we had a devastating drought, thirdly the rains fell in Kenya and caused havoc of floods countrywide. Currently, as a country, we are faced with destructive…

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MCF Karate Team

At MCF, we aim to give each child an avenue to discover and develop their giftedness or talent. In this, many graduates from MCF make a living through the skills they developed while in MCF. Many are in the Kenyan entertainment industry, music industry, media, sports and many more. MCF has four girls in the women Karate Kenya…

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