Keeping Hope Alive

Nicholas came to MCF as a little boy who had never joined school. He and his three siblings had watched their parents waste away under the cruel hand of HIV/ Aids. The children’s hopes and dreams seemed to have faded away with the death of both their parents. Nicholas’s candle grew even dimmer when he…

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The youngest mother whom we have recorded in our history as a family is a 12-year-old girl. Over the years we have rescued young teenage mothers from the most unbelievable circumstances. Many upon rescue had so much bitterness and anger towards the men who impregnated then, of whom many are survivors of rape. In MCF…

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Since 2019 began, we have opened our doors to 231 children in different MCF branches. The hardships of life have increasingly seen children as young as a few days old being abandoned by their mothers. The pain of loosing the only parent to death has pressured young children of less than 10 years to take…

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Our faces were filled with joy at the smell of the coming rains. The rain drops falling reminded us of the faithfulness of the Lord, and the assurance that God answers our prayers. The Thika River is again thundering with beautiful sounds of the rushing waters. Glory to God! We would like you to join…

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Watch Dr. Mulli with Morgan Freeman

Dr. Charles Mulli and Mully Children’s Family were recently featured in an episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. This episode aired on the National Geographic Network March 19th and is entitled “Visions of God.” Morgan Freeman explores the mysteries of divine visions; he meets a woman who believes she was cured of paralysis by miraculous…

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Socio-economic Empowerment

As it is entrenched in our mission, MCF seeks to uplift communities in order to live a dignified life. We seek to create job opportunities to mainly widows and the poor in the  society by employing them in our various MCF departments and especially in the areas of unskilled labor. On average we have approximately…

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Dickson Mully, Youngest Son of Charles & Esther, On Focus On The Family

Mully Dickson

Today, Jim Daly interviews the youngest son of Charles & Esther on Focus on the Family. Mully Children’s Family is blessed to partner with Focus on the Family and For Good to bring l the Mully documentary nationwide October 3, 4 &5th. Get your tickets here. Dickson Mully’s family was living in an African…

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Dr. Charles Mully interviewed by Focus on the Family

Dr. Charles Mully Focus On The Family

Recently, Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, sat down and discussed the powerful story of how Charles & Esther Mully answered God’s call to rescue over 12,000 the orphans in Kenya the past 28 years. Mully Children’s Family is blessed to partner with Focus on the Family and For Good to unveil…

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Kenya Elections – Tuesday, August 8th

Election Kenya

Please pray that Kenya will be spared from any form of violence or bloodshed as a result of the National Elections. Pray for God’s mighty angels to spread peace throughout the country and that the Nation will be preserved by Christian leadership. Background: As Kenyans prepare for the National Elections on Tuesday, August 8th, they…

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You Made It Possible!

Education Mully

Thank you for your generous support of our Textbooks and School Supplies Project at the MCF Ndalani campus! You made reaching this goal possible!  So what does this mean for the students at Mully Children’s Family in Ndalani? * Students now have current text books to conform with Kenya’s National Curriculum and help the eighth…

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