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Basic Needs

“Excuse me, Mummy how do I put this on? What is this? How do I use it?” These are questions a 13-year-old newly rescued girl asked on her first day at MCF. She asked Mummy Esther how to put on her underwear and what was the use of a sanitary pad. Many  of the  children …

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Vision Bearers

Many people often ask why MCF is not called an orphanage. Why is it not called a home? If you have ever interacted with Daddy Mulli and you asked him these questions, he will gracefully smile at you and answer, “MCF is more than an orphanage, it is much more than a home… it is…

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We Are All One Family

Poverty defines many villages in Kenya. Lack of food, clean water, medical care, schools, and sanitation are challenges millions of Kenyans  face  every day. Is there a solution to this abject poverty that has been the bedrock of causing children to become beggars, child prostitutes and thieves, among other societal ills? MCF has adapted a…

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