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Embarking On A New Community Health Program

Over the years, MCF continues to open its dispensary doors to the community members. In collaboration with our friends and partners from around the world, MCF organizes free medical camps every year to offer quality medical services. Our latest survey has established that nothing or little is being done by other organizations towards preventive or…

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Lending A Helping Hand

“I do not like to see anyone sleep hungry, the way I did when I was young. I can not turn a blind eye to someone, when I know I can lend a helping hand to that individual.” These are the words of Daddy Mully. About 2 months ago, a report was brought to Daddy…

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Continuing The Community Based Feeding Programs

Our normal learning in all MCF run schools from kindergarten to Mully College have been disrupted since March 2020. However, MCF Ndalani has continued with its learning with a slightly different school program with over 800 children and co- workers under its care and protection. We have been following strict protocols to make sure there…

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