Christmas Is Almost Upon US

Christmas Prayer Request

What a joy to know that the world stands still to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our primary mandate here on earth is to have as many people as possible acknowledge Jesus as Lord of their lives. MCF does this by taking care of the children under it care, and…

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Celebrating 29 Years Of Transforming Lives

Celebrating 29 years

In the year 7th November 1998, a decision was made on a family dinner table that would see thousands of lives change and be transformed. The birth of a new vision came alive and we have seen the prevenient grace of God upon us. This month of November MCF will be celebrating 29 years of transforming…

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MCF is Family

Mully Prayer Requests

In 2009 during a medical camp, an ailing young woman was brought to our MCF dispensary. She was so weak that she could not walk, feed nor talk. On medical examination, she was found to have TB and HIV/Aids. As MCF, we did all we could to help save her life by providing her with…

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