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A Dry River

Everyday we gaze at the clear blue African skies hoping that soon we, like Elijah’s servant, will see a cloud as small as the hand of a man. Then we shall shout with joy knowing that the rains are coming. Our land is thirsty! Our livestock are thirsty! Children, women, men and the elderly are…

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Happy Easter

When Jesus came to the world, he did not come for himself but for mankind. The distressing and shameful death of Jesus on the cross and his victorious resurrection was all because of his love for us. The agape of God towards us compelled him to give us the ultimate sacrifice, so that we could…

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Justice to be Served

Jane was 6 years old when a man first defiled her, changing her life forever. You could see the hurt in her eyes, the pain, and sorrow that filled her soul. Wishing that she was never born, she had to live with the harsh reality that she had been infected with HIV/Aids. Life was never…

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