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A Time to Share

During the month of December, it has been an MCF tradition for many years to share food, gifts, and prepare special Christmas meals to serve those around us including those in need in the communities, the children who have been incarcerated, street children, prisoners, the police in our regions. As we share what we have, we…

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The Christmas Tree

It is that time of the year when we put up our Christmas tree. A tree that is green and beautifully decorated. It is a joyous time when we decorate the tree with assorted ornaments and the Christmas lights, not to mention the bright star that stands majestically at the very top. Sipping a warm drink…

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Heavy Rains

Kenya is currently experiencing heavy rains that have come just after the country has had two consecutive failed rainy seasons that led to drought. It has been reported the current rains are responsible for over 150 deaths nationwide while another estimated 100,000 families find themselves homeless. Crops and livestock  have  been swept away by the…

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