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Hunger Pains

Hunger pains are still biting hard on thousands of poor children,  the  elderly, the physically and mentally challenged members of the community. The government leaders have pleaded with MCF to help the starving  families and children by supplying them with relief food. There is a general report of children not going to school due to…

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MCF Yatta Graduation Is Here

Carol was born in the year 2000, in Kisii County. Her father deserted the family leaving behind her poor jobless mum to take care of 6 children. School became a far fetched dream as her mother could not afford to feed and educate all 6 children. Thus, Carol was forced to drop out of school…

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Set On Fire

Junior and his brother Paul were rescued to MCF on 14th August 2019.  Their mother was a young street girl who was a drug addict and  an  alcoholic. On that fateful night a man she had been living with for a few days found the young woman totally blacked out due to an over dose …

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