Eureka! The Blessing of Water in Lodwar!

The power of prayer has been displayed in a remarkable way.

After 3 weeks of drilling for water, the owner of the drilling company had started to be discouraged having drilled to 262 feet.  The drilling company owner became discouraged that water had not been found and he approached Charles Mulli to inform him it was time to stop drilling. They had tried to drill 3 other boreholes in the nearby area and their efforts were futile as no water had been found in the area.  The drilling company owner, a non -believer, would be amazed by what would occur next.

Charles asked that the drilling continue per their agreement and then summoned the Lodwar community to begin praying for the water well. Imagine several hundred people praying together as the drilling continued. After 6 hours, the Lord answered their prayers and the well started discharging water. There was jubilation, joy, and dancing when the community saw water bubbling up. Early indications are that the well will support the school and community. The water is currently being tested for drinking quality and finishing work is to be completed on the well with pumps, tanks, a kiosk and solar panels.

We thank everyone in the MCF-USA community for your prayers and donations to make this well possible! Your prayers and those of the Lodwar community made the difference. Once again, we see when our prayers are aligned with the will of our Lord we can be confident they will be answered.

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