Kenya Is At A Crossroads

Following the announcement of the third wave of Covid-19, on Friday 26th March 2021, the President of Kenya gave a lockdown directive for five counties in Kenya that have recorded high rates of infections. MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta are both located in one of the counties affected. Schools, all institutions of learning, churches, hotels, and restaurants have been closed indefinitely.
Please pray for MCF as we have more than 900 children and co-workers in both MCF Yatta and MCF Ndalani. Ask God to continue to place a hedge of protection around them.

MCF will be praying for all the nations of the world, asking God to heal our lands and that Satan’s plan on killing people and crippling the world’s economies will be defeated, in the Name of Jesus.

Yes, I want to help MCF deliver emergency relief to those who are continuing to suffer from the impact of Covid 19 and SAVE CHILDREN’S LIVES!

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