Mattress Project

Can kids in the USA make a difference in how well kids in Kenya sleep? You better believe it!

The kid’s staff at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church inquired about how they could make a difference at Mully Children’s Family.  After learning about the kid’s mattresses that are worn out the staff organized their Wednesday night CONNECT and Sunday morning Collide Worship groups to hear and learn about the current mattress situation at Mully Children’s Family.  The challenge to the kids of PCBC? Raise enough money to purchase 25 new mattresses for the kids at MCF.  How did the kids at PCBC respond? How about this:

  • Elizabeth Barrett took orders and baked 25 pans of cinnamon rolls, raising enough money to pay for nine mattresses all by herself.
  • Whitney and Morgan Willenborg set up a lemonade stand, and raised enough money to buy seven mattresses.
  • Joshua and Kylie Cornett ran a lemonade stand, too, and raised enough money for two mattresses.

And there’s more.

  • Christian Gutierez made hand-folded ninja stars out of paper and sold them to his friends to raise money.
  • Lauren Fleming asked guests to her birthday party to make a donation instead of bringing a gift.
  • Anne Bradley and Benjamin Maxwell collected donations from neighbors and grandparents, made and sold sun catchers, and did extra chores to help out.
  • The Fleming children entered into a “matching gift” arrangement with their parents, doing chores for money they donated, and their parents matched it.
  • And Leonardo Aguiar did it the old-fashioned way: he gave money from his piggy bank.

The result? PCBC’s kids raised $1,256.58 . . . enough money for 36 mattresses for Mully Children’s Family! They blew their goal right out of the water…or lemonade, as it were. And it’s not over. A new challenge has been issued to PCBC’s June 13-17 Vacation Bible School. They prayerfully hope to raise enough money for 100 more mattresses!