MCF Community Outreach

Reported cases of Covid-19 continue to grow in Kenya with 208 cases and 9 deaths reported as of April 13.  Machakos Counties, home to both MCF Yatta and MCF Ndalani have reported only one case so far. As concerns for the spread of the virus grow, Mully Children’s Family prepares for assisting the communities in and around MCF campuses.

Charles and Esther Mulli have always served the community with an open heart as they believe that it is during the hard moments in life, like the Coronavirus Pandemic, that the community needs more love, care and assistance.

MCF’s Covid- 19 Community Assistance Plans include:

  • Having additional dry food on hand such as maize, beans, rice, and maize flour so MCF can provide for those families within the community who are without food because of the widespread shutdown of commerce across Kenya.
  • Serving as one of the only medical facility for the community within a radius of 50Km. (31.069 miles). MCF is purchasing additional medicines for the potential onset of the virus within the community.
  • MCF is continuing to provide access to clean drinking water daily for hundreds of families within the community.

We pray the pandemic will be contained and that it will not come near any of our MCF children, staff and communities.