MCF Launches Annual Agricultural Exhibition

The inaugural event was held on 4th July 2014 in MCF Yatta. It was presided over by the Machakos County Deputy Governor Mr. Benard Kiala. The theme of the show was “Sustainable Food Security in Arid and Semi Arid Lands.”

Farmers were taught about soil and water conservation, land preparation and farm management, crop diseases and pest management and control, crop health and management, crop harvesting and post harvest management, among other things. The local residents were called upon to regularly visit the MCF for learning sessions.

The MCF Founder and CEO, Dr. Charles Mulli, termed the event as a knowledge-sharing forum that would enable farmers and other key players in the agricultural sector to learn some of the modern farming techniques that could guarantee food security especially in arid and semi-arid areas.

“We want to show you that despite the harsh climatic conditions, people here can be able to produce food to sustain their families; and even have enough surplus for sale. This is all possible if we begin to think outside the box, plant more trees, stop total reliance on rain fed agriculture and embrace irrigation and green house farming, among other things,” said Dr. Mulli. He further urged the residents of arid and semi-arid areas to strongly embrace tree-planting.

“MCF is a practical example that man can manage his environment despite the harsh climatic conditions. We are located in a place with little rainfall across the year but through a concerted environmental management program, MCF has been turned into a cool green environment full of trees. This has been achieved through great investment in tree planting,” said Dr. Mulli