MedAssets Names Educational Grant Recipient

Stephen Mutuku became the first recipient of the MedAssets Educational Grant for higher education. MedAssets created the grant to assist young people who lack the resources to attend college. Towards his pursuit of attaining a Clinical Medicine and Surgery degree, Stephen will receive $5,000 annually over the next four years. Stephen was chosen because of his acts of selflessness and demonstration of maturity.

Stephen’s father passed away in 2002. The death of their father shocked and traumatized the family. As a result of this trauma, Stephen’s mother became mentally incapacitated as she could not figure out who to turn to assist her raise her children. Not even their extended family was willing to support the jobless widow. Stephen’s once fairly stable family became beggars. Stephen who was fairing very well in class, could spends weeks if not months without going to school due to lack of food and school fees. Stephen did not give up on his education; he struggled through thin and thick and managed to complete his primary education in 2004. Since his mother became insane, Steven opted to work in people’s farms and beg for money. He was forced to drop out of the school after the two terms since he could not pay for his school fee any more. He remained out of school for two more years.

One day a neighbor informed Stephen about a ministry led by Dr. Charles Mulli named Mully Children’s Family. When Stephen heard what Dr. Mulli had done, he took a step of faith and approached him to seek assistance. Dr. Charles Mulli did not let him down and he was rescued and immediately was enrolled back to school at MCF to continue with his education. In addition, Steven was provided with all his basic needs including food, shelter and clothing. Stephen completed his secondary education in 2010 and got a mean grade of B- (Minus) in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Immediately after completing his education, he offered to volunteer as an untrained teacher at MCF Yatta secondary school and also participated in community service. He diligently served in these departments for a period of 5 years.