Basic Needs

“Excuse me, Mummy how do I put this on? What is this? How do I use it?” These are questions a 13-year-old newly rescued girl asked on her first day at MCF. She asked Mummy Esther how to put on her underwear and what was the use of a sanitary pad.

Many  of the  children  who  come  to  MCF  have  never had  the  privilege of putting on any kind of underwear in their lives. They have never slept in a bed or had the opportunity of having a change of clothes. What they have on is all they own. A number of them have never eaten 3 meals in a day, nor experienced taking a shower. Even getting drinking water was a dream.

Once the children come to MCF, they not only need love and the word of God, but they need all these basic necessities that may look obvious; however, to MCF they are central! It is our belief that every child deserves  to live a dignified life.

Join us in prayer, that MCF will be able to continue to meet the most basic needs of our children. All 3500 MCF beneficiaries need each day, like any other children in a family, food, clothing, sanitation and hygiene, health  care, bedding.

Kindly pray for God’s provision on all these most basic needs for all our children, as God indeed is our sufficiency.

2 Corinthians 3:5(AMP)

5 Not  that  we  are  sufficiently  qualified  in   ourselves  to  claim  anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency and qualifications come from God.