Encouragement from Dr. Charles Mulli

Dear Brethren,
As the world undergoes unprecedented times, with so many frequent, difficult and devastating experiences, economic turmoil resulting from the ongoing war and the devastating effects of COVID, mass shootings in our communities, hunger and disease, chronic inflation and continued attack on the family unit, I wish to encourage you to remain strong and not to give up.  
We serve a God who is merciful, just, and kind and He will see us through. Please know that we are praying for you together with your family, your community, your work, and your businesses, for healing, God’s grace, mercy, and prosperity even during these times.
We thank you for always standing with us in spite of all the challenges and hardships that you are going through.
Please know that we love you and appreciate you. Let us keep praying for one another.
Please see my short video of encouragement in the link shared here below.