No One Is Too Impossible To Change

Joseph Njoroge, popularly known as ‘Njoro’ lived in the streets of Eldoret for 7 years before being rescued in 1993. He was brought to MCF Ndalani where he acquired primary and secondary education. However, he was one of the most persevered beneficiaries because he kept escaping back to the streets, engaging in drug abuse and resisting rehabilitation. But MCF did not give up on him; even as he kept doing everything wrong. After a while he settled down, completed his secondary education and joined Rift-Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI) in Eldoret where he acquired a Diploma in Engineering. He got saved and even became the Christian Union (CU) Chairman in RVTTI. In 2007, he got employed with H-Young and also worked with David Engineering. He later quit in 2013 to start a children’s home in Ngong, Kajiado, where he supports over 80 former street kids. He is now a pillar on which many lives depend upon. He is an embodiment of the biblical saying that ‘the stone that was rejected by the builders, eventually became the cornerstone.’ Through Njoro, we learn that NO ONE IS TOO IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE…..