Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Featured Beneficiary

Raised by a single mother who fed alcohol to her 4 children at night until they fell asleep, Joseph Njoroge’s childhood was appalling. Joseph and his siblings left their mother, an alcoholic who was unable to care for or feed them, and fled to the streets where life became even more difficult. Routinely begging and sifting through garbage for his next meal, Joseph (known as Njoro) resorted to glue, alcohol, and drugs to ease the pain.

Joseph with MCF student in Ndalani

After 7 years of beatings, prison and jail time, and several near death events in the Eldoret slums, he met Charles Mulli who showed Joseph something he desperately needed ­ Love. Trusting no one, he resisted Dr. Mulli’s persistent offers to live with him. Finally, Joseph relented and went to stay with “Daddy” but his acute drug addiction impeded his ability to live with others and he repeatedly ran away. Each time and analogous to Luke 15, “Daddy” pursued Joseph and brought him back.

Through unconditional love, a stable environment, and God’s will, Joseph’s life changed and then began to flourish after attending school at MCF. Despite the difficult transition to Ndalani, he graduated from high school in 2001 and attained a college degree with Honors in Mechanical Engineering. Like many MCF beneficiaries, he chose to help others and today is “Daddy” to 180 former street kids like himself. Joseph is eternally grateful to Mully Children’s Family for the astonishing life transformation he experienced ­ Bwana Asifiwe (praise the Lord)!

What’s New?

MCF USA Attains ECFA Accreditation
In another key milestone towards saving children’s lives,
MCF USA received accreditation from the Evangelical
Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). MCF USA
earned this certification by demonstrating accountability,
transparency, sound board governance, and ethical fund­
raising mandated by the ECFA. The ECFA grants accred­
itation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that
verify compliance with their standards. Similar to Good
Housekeeping or the Better Business Bureau, the ECFA seal signifies MCF USA is a trustworthy organization with which donors can confidently share their resources.

Forthcoming Book from Charles Mulli
Fresh off the heels of the award­winning and critically acclaimed Mully Movie, Charles Mulli is releasing another book. My Journey of Faith ­ An Encounter with Christ chronicles the abundant challenges and victories of Dr. Mulli’s incredible life and explains how it developed his faith. Countless stories of life transformation from hopelessness to triumph reveal how an intimate relationship with God is available to everyone despite overwhelming odds. Planned for an October release, you can pre­order your copy at MCF USA’s web site in the near future so stay tuned.


Kids Helping Kids
Upon hearing of a need 8,000 miles away
in Ndalani, kids from Peachtree Corners
Baptist Church raced into action to raise
money for mattresses. Setting some lofty
fundraising targets for themselves, they
sold lemonade, cinnamon rolls, ninja
stars, and sacrificed birthday gifts for
donations. Reminiscent of John 21 when
Jesus provided a fishing tip to his
disciples, buckets brought in by the kids could not hold the contributions they raised! Kids Worship and Outreach Director Eyleen Barnes exclaimed, “I love it when God shows up in a mighty way”! Through the kid’s initiative, PCBC raised money to purchase 257 mattresses for the MCF children! Asante sana na Mungu Akubariki (Thank­you and God bless you) to the Peachtree Corners Baptist Church.

Ndalani Dairy Renovation
With milk production at the dairy significantly under projections, Ndalani staff solicited advise earlier this year from a local Kenyan consultant. The dairy expert assessed the environmental situation and concluded a low ceiling restricted airflow which, in turn, created an unfavorable environment for the cows. After raising the ceiling and installing new manure drainage pipes, dairy productivity improved substantially. Many thanks to the consultant and his wisdom which enabled sustainability to take another leap forward at Mully Children’s Family Ndalani!

IMG Soccer Uniform Donation Ndalani soccer teams were the elated recipients of a generous donation by IMG. On learning of Mully Children’s Family and their team’s need, IMG quickly procured and delivered dozens of jerseys, shorts, and socks to MCF USA. When presented with the gift, the teams immediately suited up, posed for photos with immense

smiles, and proceeded with an impromptu scrimmage to show off their new threads. IMG represents and manages some of the world’s greatest sports figures; stages hundreds of live events annually; and is a leading independent producer and distributor of sports media. Asante sana, IMG!

Yatta Water Treatment
Sustainability progress is thriving in Yatta as
well. As water from the polluted Thika river
was problematic, the forthcoming water
treatment plant aims to restore the water to a
usable state to grow disease­free crops. The
facility will generate safe water to eradicate
prevalent greenhouse diseases and allow
Mully Children’s Family to grow and expand
sought after and highly profitable crops such as Roma tomatoes. To offset weather related delays, escalated construction will hopefully result in a fall completion.

Lorry Replacement
Since the tragic accident which claimed the life of Charles Mulli’s brother Harrison, renting a lorry was MCF’s sole option for transporting farm produce and construction material. Mully Children’s Family recently purchased a new lorry (truck) to replace the one destroyed in January. With campus construction at full throttle, MCF can immediately capitalize on the substantial financial savings of owning versus renting.

Did You Know?

“MCF Care Partner Program” Launched
Supporting and nurturing 2,500 children daily is a daunting task but fortunately generous donors such as you contribute 50% of the annual cost to run Mully Children’s Family. While aggressive agriculture, dairy, and poultry sustainability initiatives generate sizable income, we still need your help. The MCF Care Partner Program’s primary goal is to level unpredictable donation patterns through more consistent monthly giving. This enables the Leadership Team to better plan and optimize the precious resources received from our donor base. For more details on becoming an MCF Care partner, visit­partner­program.

You Can Make a Difference
Through “Heart and Soul”
Want to take that next step with
Mully Children’s Family but don’t
know what it might be? An invitation
awaits you to; walk the land of
countless miracles; serve food and
deliver goats to the needy; stay, pray and play with MCF kids; experience a life­ changing Kibera slum visit; plant a tree; listen to 5 year­olds quote scripture, observe the unique MCF sustainability model; witness endless human life transformation stories, and hold a precious infant that may not have lived had it not been for MCF. Whether this is your calling or if it just intrigues you, visit­involved/upcoming­trips for more.

MCF has No Boundaries
MCF accepts all children regardless of race, religion, color, tribe, or health. While incredibly naive to us, many Kenyans believe those infected with AIDS can rid themselves of this disease by having sex with a virgin. Fortunately, Mully Children’s Family embraces an open arms policy and turns away NO children, including innocent girl victims infected as a result of this horrific myth. After thorough screening, MCF carefully integrates HIV infected children into the family.


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What is happening at Mully Children’s Family is Not Normal… It is nothing short of Extraordinary!

12,000+ Children have been rescued and rehabilitated over the past 27 years

2,500+ Orphans and vulnerable children receive care and protection on a daily basis

30,000+ Community members benefit from economic empowerment and relief services annually

18,000+ Children and community residents have free access to medical care annually

58,000+ Students and teachers are given an opportunity to participate in free leadership and mentorship programs, environmental, educational, and tree planting campaigns

150 MCF Beneficiaries currently attend institutions of higher education

1,000+ Community members are provided employment through one of MCF’s sustainability projects

Mully Children’s Family ­ So Much More Than An Orphanage… It Is The Biggest Family In The World!!

Maximize your Mully Children’s Family contribution by becoming an

MCF Care Partner

May the grace of God be with you!

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