Summer 2018 Newsletter

Summer 2018

Beneficiary Demonstrates the Power of Prayer

Compounding the haunting image of an alcoholic man beating his mother, Festus Mbithi Peter and his 7 siblings were in constant survival mode due to the horrific impact of his father’s debilitating disease. Though an exceptional bright student, his education suffered as he willingly and regularly missed school to help his mother feed the family. Despite being the top graduate in his primary school, Festus’ University dreams seemed hopeless as there was no money for him to even attend high school.

A beacon of hope appeared when Festus met an MCF individual who introduced him to Charles Mulli. Listening to his story, Daddy saw himself and his childhood strife replay before his eyes. Festus’ emotional healing and transformation began upon his rescue in 2007 and accelerated after becoming a Christian, learning to pray, and forgiving his father. Equipped with parental love, education, and a newfound perspective of life, Festus flourished at MCF and graduated from high school in 2011.

Daddy and Mummy Esther sponsored Festus
for University where he also began fervently
praying for his father to change. After Festus confronted and challenged him, his father miraculously stopped drinking and committed to support his family. Upon graduating with honors with an Accounting degree, Festus returned to MCF in 2016 where he gives back in transforming the lives of orphans and street children. Festus cites James 5:16 as his inspiration: “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”. Click here for his video testimonial.

A Life Altering Experience Awaits You in Kenya

Engaged with Mully Children’s Family and feeling a nudge to go deeper? Perhaps it’s the Holy Spirit calling you to Kenya. An open invitation awaits you to: hear countless incredible life transformation stories, marvel at MCF’s world class agricultural sustainability initiatives, walk the land of countless miracles, help alter the climate by planting a tree, hold a precious infant that beat the brutal survival odds through the grace of MCF, experience the unsurpassed satisfaction of serving others, behold the incomparable relationship these children have with God, and see the joy in each child’s eye. If you

desire to witness Heaven on earth, visit MCF USA Upcoming Trips for more.

Pillar Spotlight – Child Care (MCF Impacts Kenyan Education Reform) Kenya’s educational curriculum historically produced academically qualified graduates who tested well but quite often weren’t well equipped for their careers. Meanwhile, many trade positions (electricians, beauticians, mechanics) remained unfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates. Recognizing this economic disconnect years ago, Charles Mulli implemented an avant-garde curriculum at MCF to develop children in these sought after vocational trades. After observing MCF’s vocational success through the years, the Kenyan government in 2016 announced plans for a major educational overhaul which places more emphasis on these marketable and in-demand skills.

While embracing the change which began in 2017, Ndondo Mulli relayed the numerous challenges the overhaul presents. Retraining teachers, nurturing children in these new skills, implementing the “digital classroom” with laptops and tablets, and identifying and developing children’s skills and passion with societal needs are a few of the welcome challenges facing MCF. But due to Charles Mulli’s innate instincts and vision years ago, MCF had a good head start in developing and producing qualified candidates to meet present and future market demands.

Featured MCF Church Partner – Brooklyn Tabernacle

On March 4th, 8,000 members of the non-denomination Brooklyn Tabernacle experienced far more than a viewing of the Mully Movie. Due to the documentary’s significance, Senior Pastor Jim Cymbala replaced each of the 3 planned Sunday services with the movie. Known for their award-winning choir, 3 showings were needed for the overflow audience as the sanctuary seats 3,000. At the movie’s conclusion, the 114 year old church walls shook when Senior Pastor Jim Cymbala announced Charles Mulli was in attendance. Charles spoke of the ministry and fielded questions from the delighted audience that later expressed their experience on the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Facebook page.

MCF Agricultural Innovation Featured at Davos on the Delta
Nearly 250 scientists, farmers, and entrepreneurs paying upwards of $1,000 recently attended a three-day event centered on agricultural technology innovation in Memphis. From crop genetics to transportation logistics, attendees listened to a wide variety of agricultural technology topics by dozens of experts from around the world. As Mully Children’s Family leads Africa in a number of agricultural and entrepreneurial initiatives, Dr. Charles Mulli presented to the intrigued audience the organization’s innovative, unorthodox, and undeniably effective methods. Afterwards, Charles met with Memphis Catholic Bishop Martin Holley and appeared on a local television talk show.

ECFA Extends Trust in MCF USA Accreditation
The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
recently informed MCF USA of the organization’s
accreditation renewal! Granting accreditation to leading
Christian nonprofit organizations that verify compliance
with their strict standards, the ECFA seal is an elevated
version of Good Housekeeping or Better Business Bureau.
As a major step in our ultimate goal of Saving Children’s
Lives, ECFA renewal signifies MCF USA is a trustworthy
organization with which donors can confidently share their resources.

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