The River Running Through MCF Ndalani Is Dry!

Greetings My Friend,

Over the past several months, Esther and I have spent considerable time in prayer about the desperation that we are seeing in the eyes of men,  women, and children in our neighboring villages and communities. Our hearts are broken as we learn of the growing number of families who are going to sleep hungry. Women and children are now coming to our properties asking for food and support because of the  ongoing  drought and scarcity of food.

Earlier this year, we asked you to pray for the rains so that we might havean acceptable harvest, but MCF received only a few days of rainfall which temporarily quenched the crops. The river running through the Ndalani Campus is dry once again. We have begun trucking water from Yatta for drinking at MCF Ndalani, but we are unable to plant crops because of inadequate water for irrigation.