Transforming Lives One Life at a Time

In the last eleven months, many children of all ages have been rescued into the Mully Children’s Family fraternity. As we listen to the life experience of each child, they echo the similar sentiments: “if MCF had not come to my rescue, my life would have been shattered, or I would not be alive today.” Since January 2021, more than 1200 children have found MCF to be a loving home and a new family they can call their own.
One such teenager is Kendi. Due to extreme poverty, Kendi was forced to drop out of school in grade 2 and was married at thirteen after her parents received her bride price. She gave birth to two children at a tender age, the firstborn a boy and the second a girl. Her husband was abusive and a drunkard who never cared about Kendi nor her children. Due to the physical abuse, Kendi slept many nights in the cold after being chased away by her husband. Her husband married another woman and didn’t want anything to do with Kendi or the children, so Keni attempted to
return to her parents. Since they had accepted the bride price, they too chased Kendi away with her children to return to her abusive husband. Kendi found an abandoned structure where she lived with her two children. She began begging and doing odd jobs in exchange for food for her children. On 16th July 2021, Kendi and her children joined the MCF family. Kendi is now enrolled in MCF Malindi, where she is learning technical skills, reading and writing.
Please pray for all the newly rescued beneficiaries, that God will align them to his will in their lives and that they will receive healing in their body, soul and spirit.
Psalm 107:8-9,20 [KJV]
Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! [9] For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness. [20] He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.