Mully Messenger Fall 2018

Yatta Teen Mother Demonstrates Unwavering Faith

Not once losing her faith in God, Winnie Nekesa Aliburi’s grief-stricken life closely paralleled that of Job. Born in El Doret, she and her brother went to live with Winnie’s mother after the parents divorced. Life took the first of many hard turns in 2006 when her mother died. Absent any siblings to assume care of the orphaned children, a cousin of the deceased mother accepted Winnie and her brother. As the cousin couldn’t provide basic needs for the children, Winnie’s brother died of starvation.

Winnie’ misery received a reprieve when she was able to return to school but an uncle’s untimely death thrust her into caring for his two children when she was barely a teen.

After becoming pregnant, Winnie and her adopted children had no options but to live with the father. In addition to beating Winnie and providing no food or support, the father appeared one day with his young girlfriend and exclaimed to Winnie, “I want you to pack up all your things and go back to where ever you came”!

Heartbroken, devastated, and destitute, she soon went into labor and discovered at the hospital she required an expensive C-section. With no money and hope nearly exhausted,

Winnie asked God to take over her life. She

awoke after the surgery to discover an anonymous person paid all her medical bills along with her next 2 months living expenses! After a friend mentioned the single- mother focused Yatta campus, MCF accepted her into the family based upon her riveting interview testimonial. Despite being thrown every conceivable challenge and obstacle, like Job, Winnie never lost her faith in God. Mungu akubariki, Winnie!

MCF Launches Poultry Program

In a cornerstone sustainability initiative with enormous potential impact, MCF partnered with East Africa’s leading poultry company to launch the first of four chicken units.

After receiving the newborn chicks, MCF serves asa Broiler Farm raising the free range chicks to maturity at which time they transfer the chickens for production.

Mully Children’s Family expects to gain valuable experience from this proof-of-concept site and apply to the 3 scheduled future units. MCF estimates producing 40,000 chickens monthly just from the first Broiler house at Yatta to generate compelling revenue and margins to save even more children’s lives!



Dormitory Campaign Underway Due to the overriding goal of never having to turn a child

away, overcrowded conditions persist at the Ndalani campus. While as many as 4 older children share a bunk bed (2 up and 2 down), up to 8 smaller children may sleep in a single bunk bed. To alleviate this

overcapacity dilemma, the campus ideally requires 5 new dormitories but can survive with a little as 2. The cost to ease this excess population is $280K for each dorm and to date, gracious donors have contributed $110K. Please keep these children’s hearts in mind in the 5th Annual Christmas Catalog or online at Twelve Days of Christmas Wishes.

Focus On: Child Care

Of the four Ministry pillars – Child Care, Community Outreach, Sustainability, and Organizational Development – Mully Children’s Family fervently emphasizes a key ingredient of Child Care. While MCF creates a safe environment providing food, clothing, and shelter for rescued children, one of the key success factors of their long-term restoration is their spiritual development.

Believing in a Power greater than ourselves and making a decision to turn our lives over to God is paramount in any human rehabilitation process. We’re ecstatic to report that this year alone, 527 MCF children accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. John 1:12 cites accepting Jesus “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”.


Yatta Receives Generous Greenhouse Upgrade

Sagging and torn from years of weathering the elements, Roma tomato and green bean production at Yatta’s expansive greenhouses was being compromised from insect infiltration. Protective screens are critical to deter insects while offering optimal air flow and balanced sunlight in greenhouses. On hearing of the acute need for a major screen overhaul, a large benevolent family owned and Christian based retailer from the mid-west that prefers anonymity stepped up and delivered. Asante sana to those who unselfishly donated to the greenhouse project!

Kenya’s Digital Classroom Goes Online

Continuing the broadscale reform to enhance the educational and technology prowess of its next generation, the Kenyan government’s mandate of one iPad for every child goes into effect this fall. This groundbreaking initiative which outpaces even the tech-savvy U.S. will benefit Kenyan children immensely. However, considering a $250 iPad for each of 2,000+ MCF children plus laptops ($400) for each of 80 teachers, and new books ($50) for each student, the investment is staggering. In addition, MCF must purchase these new digital educational tools quickly as they are crucial to passing the National Exams.



Twelve Days of Christmas Wishes Online Now One of the featured items on the new MCF USA website is the Twelve Days of Christmas Wishes. In addition to learning the Christian symbolism behind the Three French Hens, you can make an MCF difference this Christmas by selecting one or more of the twelve days. The most acute needs are Digital Notepads (1st Day), Textbooks (3rd Day), Mattress Pads and Sheets (7th Day), and Hand-Cut Stones for New Dorms (8th Day). Make an MCF child’s day by selecting any or multiple days this Christmas season!



MCF USA Debuts New Website Engaging, informative, passionate, concise, inspiring, visually appealing, heartfelt…all worthy descriptions of the new MCF USA website. Years in the works from a dedicated team of MCF volunteers, the dynamic website went online in earlier this month.

Whether a first time visitor curious to understand the ministry in 60

seconds, a repeat visitor drawn to return after viewing a rescued student’s riveting video testimonial, a donor desiring a detailed accounting of revenue and expenses, or a person contemplating how to get involved, there’s something for everyone



Charles Mulli’s Whirlwind North American Tour For three weeks in September, Charles Mulli ventured all over the U.S. The tour included a return visit

to Brooklyn Tabernacle where 2,500+ people eagerly greeted the MCF team despite an attempt by hurricane Florence to derail the visit. After Mully Movie Director Scott Hays interviewed Charles in Phoenix, he flew to meet with longstanding donors in Ada Michigan. Team Mulli headed south where standing room only crowds at Dunwoody United Methodist and Fellowship Christian School (pictured) gained valuable insight to the ministry. The MCF USA executive team believes the tour was highly successful in advancing the goals of the ministry.


Amazon Gives to MCF USA When You Smile During the upcoming holiday season, please remember Amazon contributes .5% to your designated charity through Amazon Smile.

Instructions for assigning Mully Children’s Family

USA as your charity can be found here. There is no easier way to contribute towards our goal of Savings Children’s Lives than merely shopping on Amazon Smile. Remember to further MCF USA awareness by sharing your contribution on social networks by clicking on the links which appear. MCF USA has received over

$1,300 to date through Amazon Smile.


Stepping Up the MCF Event Hosting Bar Hosting a fundraising or awareness event is one of the best ways you can help Mully Children’s Family. These venues present an excellent opportunity to cast the MCF net to a much broader audience. While the new website outlines a number proven traditional methods, MCF volunteer Jay Bell and her daughter Julia took a truly out-of- the-box approach to raise money and awareness for MCF – a dance contest! An energetic cheerleader at Fellowship Christian, Julia persuaded Atlanta personal training gym Formwell Fitness to open their doors to the public for the contest. While 75 attendees rated the dancers through

applause, the cheers were so loud for each contestant that they resorted to an extraordinary tie-breaker to determine the winner – a clap-o-meter. When the contest was over, the mother daughter team raised over $1,500 for MCF!


Inspired by Jay and Julia, MCF US challenges our followers for creative new ways to raise awareness and money for Mully Children’s Family. A few alternative ideas for you to consider…, issue a viral challenge (remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), book swap, babysitting (think of offering holiday shopping time for parents to shop for their children), start a Fantasy Football team (see SportzFund), Chili Cookoff, host a golf / tennis / 5K run / walk / swim-a-thon / or scavenger hunt (online or in person), Bingo Night, Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser, have a raffle, partner with Chik-fil-AColossians 3:23 reminds us who gave us our creativity and why “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men”.