Mully Messenger | Spring 2024

Beneficiary Spotlight

Elizabeth Kaluki, once in need, found solace at MCF. Mentored by Mummy Esther at MCF Malindi Girls’ Vocational Training Centre, she uncovered her leadership potential. Graduating with honors in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, and Dressmaking, Elizabeth embodies resilience and faith. She looks forward to boundless opportunities, believing in the power of God to make all things possible.



What’s New?

Poultry Success

Our poultry house is up and running, thanks to our supporters! Your contribution have played a pivotal role in empowering us to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children and communities we serve.


Providing A Safe Haven

We’re actively working to build a new dorm for girls in Kenya as we have reached our capacity. The situation for vulnerable girls is critical, with many seeking refuge at MCF project locations. Our new dormitory at MCF Ndalani will offer spacious, high-quality accommodation for up to 100 girls, providing a safe haven for those undergoing rehabilitation and education within the MCF community, including orphaned and vulnerable girls and child-mothers.


Diploma In Our Hands, World At Our Feet

Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone in the lives of the young men and women of Mully College. We introduce you to the Class of 2024! Due to your support of The World’s Largest Family, we are able to witness lives transform through education. We are reminded of God’s promise as these graduates embark on their new paths—some mastering culinary arts, others delving into cosmetology—their newfound skills illuminating the promise of a brighter future. Let’s continue spreading the joy of education and empowerment together! Click here to see more from the ceremony.

Did You Know?

For 35 years, Charles Mulli, alongside the MCF family, has faithfully answered God’s calling, rescuing vulnerable children in Kenya. We invite you to join us in continuous prayers for the MCF mission. Together, let’s persist in inspiring and transforming the lives of God’s children for the next 35 years and beyond.

Your Legacy Begins With A Vision

Have you considered making a Legacy Gift to Mully Children’s Family? By planning ahead, you can leave a lasting impact of love and generosity for future generations. Learn more at