Prayer Request

Please pray with us that God would provide the resources needed to build the first phase of the Mully Mission Hospital. What humans can’t accomplish, only God can. We put our faith in him, knowing that this hospital would help save the lives of countless infants, children, and mothers who might otherwise perish from a lack of access to quality, cost-effective medical care. We ask God to move in people’s hearts everywhere to join us in this mission as individuals, families, communities, businesses, schools, colleges, foundations, organizations, and churches.


The construction of the Mully Mission Hospital commenced on September 6, 2021 with a vision of finally serving approximately 500,000 people who do not have access to affordable and quality healthcare services. The available healthcare services far exceed the income of the majority of the population in the target region. Children, women, and the elderly are the most affected.

Owing to a shortage of funding, work on the hospital had to be halted at the end of August 2022. We have been trusting God for provision for this vision for the past seven months, and we are confident that He will be faithful to see this project through to fruition. We restarted Phase One construction on May 15, 2023, with the goal of providing outpatient clinics, pharmacies, an accident and emergency department, operating rooms, and pediatric, obstetric, and intensive care services once it is finished.

Psalm 65:1-2,4-6 (TPT)

O God in Zion, to you even silence is praise! You who answers prayer, all of humanity comes before you with their requests. [4] How blessed is the one you choose to live near you in your courts. The beauty of your house, your holy temple, satisfies us. [5] You answer our prayers with amazing wonders and with awe-inspiring displays of power. You are the righteous God who helps us like a father. Everyone everywhere looks to you, for you are the confidence of all the earth, even to the farthest islands of the sea. [6] What jaw-dropping, astounding power is yours! You are the mountain maker who sets them all in place.