You Made It Possible!

Thank you for your generous support of our Textbooks and School Supplies Project at the MCF Ndalani campus! You made reaching this goal possible!  So what does this mean for the students at Mully Children’s Family in Ndalani?

* Students now have current text books to conform with Kenya’s National Curriculum and help the eighth and twelfth grade students prepare for their National Exams.
* Teachers now have current teacher guides for the new National School Curriculum.
* The Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Labs now have supplies
* The school can continue to maintain its long history of excellence in education.
* The school can maintain its certification by the Ministry of Education

Nicole Varel was pictured on the front of our project brochure. She was only 5 years old when her mom passed away and she was brought to Mully Children’s Family by the Court of Nairobi two years ago. Nicole is now in the eigth grade and thanks to you has the textbooks to prepare for the National Exam. She aspires to become a doctor in the future and help those in need. Nicole is just one of the many children you have helped!
Truly, you are making a difference!! Thank You!